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Molten Steel Sampler

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1. Application scope:
The samplers of our company have a wide range of applications, for sampling from hot metal liquid which need deoxidation or not. It is suitable for the quick analysis of carbon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus and other chemical ingredients, and hydrogen, oxygen and other gases.
2. Working principle:
When a sampler was inserted into the hot metal liquid, under the static pressure, the hot metal liquid breaks the slag protective layer, through the sampler inlet, into the sampling chamber automatically. Then the alloying element content in the steel can be analyzed by spectral analysis.
3. Features
Taking samples only costs a short time, and the operation is easy. Our products can help you to improve the quality of steel, as well as reduce waste ratio.
4. Classification:
(1) Direct insertion type.
(2) Decanting type. 
5. Technical parameters of sampler
Paper tube : Length can be 800/900/1000/1200/1500mm or customized
Slag Cap : Steel/Aluminum
Size of sample: Round. Single thickness
For steel      a)34*12mm (Outer diameter*Thickness)
                  b) 30*15mm(Outer diameter*Thickness)
For iron      34*12mm (Outer diameter*Thickness)
Killing Agent : Zirconium/Aluminum/No Killing
2)  USE
Sampling time : From 3 to 5 seconds
Max dipping : 6 seconds
Humidity of carton : 12% max at shipment
If tubes are humid, there is the risk of light projections during the immersion.
It is suggested the use of personal body protections.
Conditions : Stock the samplers in a dry, covered place.
Pieces per box : 30
Pieces per pallet : 960/720/840

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