If you will be doing your own packing the most important part will be pre-planning. Mistakes that may result in damages can be made when things are packed in a hurry. Some of these tips may seem like common sense, but they are often forgotten in the midst of a move. If there is something that has not been covered in this list, please call us and a helpful moving consultant can help you with your questions.

When packing or storing furniture, wrap it with blankets, towels, or old linens. This prevents it from being scratched or otherwise damaged. Most packing tips don’t tell you that furniture legs should also be wrapped.
Backing up important files and making a hard copy of important files on your computer is another great packing tip.
If you disassemble an item you’re self packing, label, number, or otherwise mark each piece for easy reassembly. It is better to select a Packer & Movers Company that’s experienced and insured than ruin your furniture in the process.
Chairs should be stacked seat-to-seat with paper in between.
Fit what you can inside any like item. For example, you can store sponges in pots. This packing tip will save valuable space and makes unpacking easier.